Trump indicted, prosecutor wanted to arrest him today: the background

His lawyers objected, saying the Secret Service needs more time to organize the unprecedented procedure

Manhattan Attorney Alvin Bragg wanted Donald Trump to turn himself in today to be arrested, but his lawyers objected, saying the Secret Service needs more time to organize the unprecedented procedure. This was revealed by Politico, citing sources in the New York security forces. With the first indictment of a former president in American history, we find ourselves in the extremely delicate circumstance of a defendant who will present himself to the authorities escorted by agents of the presidential bodyguards, who must guarantee the lifelong safety of the former tenants of the White House.

This is what Joe Tacopina, Trump’s lawyer, explained to the prosecutor’s office, thus asking to postpone the sensational arrest to next week – to Tuesday, according to various US media -. In these days, therefore, not only the tycoon’s lawyers, but also the heads of the Secret Service will have to coordinate with the prosecutor’s office to study the methods of handing over Trump.

The New York police department is also participating in the negotiations, for days now mobilized to ensure an extra presence in the area around the Manhattan courthouse, especially after Trump urged his supporters to protest against his arrest. The challenge is to allow Trump’s first appearance in the prosecution to take place like that of any other defendant – with mugshots, fingerprints, the classic ‘Miranda’, i.e. the reading of the rights of the arrested – guaranteeing the ex president the necessary protection.

On this occasion, the judge will also establish the conditions of the release, which could also include movement restrictions or even house arrest. Even just the first eventuality could have an effect on Trump’s new electoral campaign.

The first hearing will also be the occasion in which the allegations will be formalized and then made public, which would include, as revealed by CNN, 30 charges of corporate fraud. Bragg in fact believes that the former president has committed an offense by registering as legal expenses the 130,000 dollars returned to lawyer Michael Cohen who had paid Stormy Daniels out of his own pocket to pay for the porn star’s silence on her relationship with the tycoon in 2006. aggravated by the fact that it was committed to prevent the woman’s revelations from influencing the 2016 election campaign.