Trump, legal: “Top secret papers in Mar-a-Lago: it’s normal”

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Donald Trump’s lawyers indirectly admitted that there were top secret papers at the Mar-a-Lago residence responding to the new Justice Department document. As reported by the Cnn, who viewed the answer, the former president’s lawyers argue that “the fact that among the presidential documents there were top secret papers should not cause alarm.” Furthermore, Tycoon lawyers point out that the National Archives “had to expect in the 15 boxes” that Trump delivered in January from Mar-a-Lago there would be “material classified because they were presidential papers”.

The new document from the Department of Justice

In the new document presented by the Justice Department, the former president and his team are accused of having removed and hidden classified documents in Mar-a-Lago to obstruct the investigation. “Investigators” took documents from some files and scattered them on the floor to achieve a dramatic effect “, however, attack Trump’s lawyers, referring to a photograph, which went viral, showing papers with ‘top secret’ written on the carpet. of residence in Florida.

The Midterm elections

Meanwhile, the US Justice Department is likely to wait until after the Midterm election in November to announce any allegations against Trump both in relation to the search of his Florida residence and the other investigation into an attempt to overturn the results of the report. 2020 vote, as informed sources report to the agency Bloomberg. The Justice Department usually avoids taking investigative action or filing charges in the run up to an election and helping or hindering a candidate or party, starting 60 days before the election. In this case it would be September 10, so according to sources, it is likely that nothing will be announced until after November 8.