Trump, maximum security measures in New York against possible protests

The alert level has been raised after the call for mobilization launched by the former president in the event of his indictment. The prosecutor: “We will not be intimidated by threats to the rule of law”

The NYPD, with the support of the Secret Service, is preparing maximum security measures in the event of the possible indictment of Donald Trump and the protests that could break out after the call for mobilization launched by the former president, who has set his possible arrest for tomorrow. The NYPD is also in close contact with the FBI and District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office, which is conducting the Stormy Daniels investigation.

“We will use all available resources,” a NYPD source told the New York Post, noting that the Strategic Response Group, a unit responsible for responding to riots and other unrest, “has a role in this agency and will be called in if needed.” . Yesterday there have already been meetings between the various agencies involved and the coordination work will continue today, the sources of the Post still know.

Among the measures that are intended to be adopted is the No cars allowed in the courthouse area of ​​Manhattanalong with a deployment of agents outside and inside the building.

“We’re handling it like we handle everything else: it’s lower Manhattan, there’s always a large presence of agents, we’re monitoring the situation, we’ll see what happens on Tuesday,” NYPD head Kevin Maloney told the Post, confirming that he is counting on the information that comes “from our intelligence bureau and our contacts in the prosecutor’s office”.

Meanwhile, Attorney Bragg, with an internal message sent to his staff and revealed by the American media, responded to Trump’s post, and his appeal to protest and “take back our nation”, stating that “we will not tolerate attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law in New York.” Bragg then urged his aides to be very careful: “Know that your safety is our top priority.”