Trump, the message of the arms dealer: “In the USA you risk your life, come to Russia”

Viktor Bout sent a telegram to the ex-president: “Here you will find an oasis of peace and you will be able to take the lead in the struggle for the American people”

Donald Trump risks his life in the United States, come and take refuge in Russia. It is the proposal that comes from Viktor Bout, the Russian arms dealer released in December from an American prison in exchange for the release of the basketball player Brittney Griner detained in Moscow. “The Biden administration will not settle for dragging you through the justice and prison systems. They would rather end your life than let you stand in his way,” reads a Telegram sent from Boutknown as the ‘merchant of death’, to the former US president.

“In Russia you will be welcome, you will find an oasis of peace and from here you can take the lead in the fight for the American people“, continues the former arms dealer. Arrested in 2008 in Thailand, Bout was sentenced in the United States in 2011 to 25 years in prison, until his release four months ago.