Trump, the speech: “Ridiculous process, there is nothing”

The former president speaks from Mar-a-Lago after the indictment in New York: “I have committed only one crime: to defend the country”. The attack on Biden: “With him we risk nuclear world war”

There is no caseall the legal experts say so. The indictment is ridiculous. I never thought of something like this in America, I didn’t think it could happen. The only crime I have committed is fearlessly defending our nation by those who want to destroy it. Now our country is going to hell.” Donald Trumpfrom his residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida, gives a speech a few hours after the indictment in New York: the former president takes the floor after the hearing in which the Manhattan prosecutor formalized 34 charges allegations related to falsifying financial statements and developing a plan with payments to eliminate information that could have harmed the campaign before the 2016 election.

“The prosecutor put together a ridiculous indictment, everyone says so. The criminal is the prosecutor, who leaked a mass of information related to the grand jury” who spoke out in favor of the indictment last week: “The prosecutor should at least resign.”

Trump speaks for about half an hour in front of an audience of supporters, denounces “an unprecedented interference in the electoral process” and lashes out at it “Prosecutor Alvin Bragg, a leftist extremist supported by George Soros: He campaigned that he would get President Trump. He campaigned on this, knowing nothing about me. Everyone sees that there is no case, he shouldn’t have been educated, even totally sided democrats say it. It’s an insult to our country, it’s ridiculous: the world laughs at us.”

The former president ranges from references to the 2020 elections, tainted by alleged fraud, to the seizure of documents made by the FBI in his residence. There is no shortage of accusations against Juan Merchan, the judge of the New York Supreme Court who is entrusted with the ‘Stormy Daniels case’: “We now have a judge who hates Trump, with a wife who hates Trump. The daughter works for” the vice president ” Kamala Harris”.

“As president I have the right to declassify documents. Biden did it as vice president, without having the right. He took away documents when he was a senator, it’s not allowed”, he says in another passage of the speech in which he underlines the negative picture linked to the current presidency: “The economy is in shambles, inflation is out of control. China has joined Russia, Saudi Arabia is with Iran. Russia, Iran and North Korea have formed an ominous coalition: if If I had been president it would never have happened. Russia attacked Ukraine, if I were president it would not have happened. There is the threat of the use of nuclear weapons which, during the Biden administration, could lead to a third world war nuclear: we are not very far away, believe it or not”. “We are a nation in decline and now these crazy leftists want to interfere in the electoral process: we cannot allow this to happen. I have no doubt, we will make America great again,” he concludes.