Trump wants the show: “In court in handcuffs, if they shoot me I win the White House”

The words to the advisers on the Stormy Daniels case according to the Guardian. The former US president does not listen to the advice of legal teams on confidentiality and security. New troubles also on the secret papers: “He deceived her lawyers”

‘I want to go to court in handcuffs’. Donald Trump he has told his advisers that he does not want any special treatment if he is indicted by the Manhattan prosecutor in the Stormy Daniels case. According to reports from the Guardian, the former president wants a real showwants to make the most of the opportunity to show itself as a victim of political persecution to foment its electoral base. Even at the risk of facing personal dangers.

To advisers and the legal team who raise concerns for his safety, Trump repeatedly said over the weekend that he was not afraid that someone would shoot him. Indeed in this case he would become “a martyr” and, he added, would probably win the White House again in 2024.

So Trump has been insisting for days that he wants to arrive at the New York court, in a state of war since the former president urged his followers via social media to protest against his arrest which according to his calculations should have taken place yesterday, with handcuffs on his wrists . To then enter and have your fingerprints taken and mugshots taken.

Furthermore, sources close to the tycoon still explain, Trump does not want to appear weak, or even a loser, ‘loser’ – which is one of the offenses he loves to address to his opponents – to his supporters, appealing to his status as a former president to obtain a preferential treatment, such as a video link to the hearing, or coming through a back entrance to the courthouse.

These were precisely the proposals put forward by his legal team who, also citing the concerns of Secret Service agents who continue to protect the former president, tried to convince Trump to hand himself over confidentially, without the clamor and enormous expectation that instead he provoked with his post last Saturday.

NEW TROUBLE ON THE SECRET PAPERS: “HE DECEPTED HIS LAWYERS” – Meanwhile, with everyone’s eyes focused on the Manhattan courthouse, new troubles are also emerging for the former president on the front of the investigation into the secret papers taken away from the White House. The special prosecutor’s office leading the investigation, Jack Smith, presented evidence to a federal judge that Trump allegedly misled his own lawyers about the classified material he withheld after his term as president ended, according to reports. reveals ABC News.

According to sources familiar with the court papers, Attorney Smith’s office presented this evidence that “the former president committed criminal violations” to ask that the professional secrecy invoked by Trump’s lawyers not be suspended. So the judge ordered Evan Corcoran, one of the tycoon’s lawyers, to appear before the grand jury to testify.

In addition, the lawyer was also ordered to hand over a number of documents, including notes, invoices and audio transcripts, described as part of Trump’s alleged ‘criminal scheme’.