Trump, who is Joe Tacopina: the lawyer who loves Italian football

The lawyer of the former US president is the owner of Spal. In its past, Rome and Bologna

From Brooklyn to Ferrara, via Rome and Bologna. Joe Tacopina, the lawyer called to pull former President Donald Trump out of the quicksand of the indictment for the Stormy Daniels case, has long been the protagonist of Italian football events. Roman father (from Monte Mario) and mother of Sicilian origins, he was one of the pioneers of the wave of American investors who bought many of our teams in recent years. The watershed episode that sparked his passion for football – he says – was a 2002 Rome derby, which he witnessed in person and which left him impressed by the passion of the fans.

Today he is the president of Spal, a team that sails in the slums of Serie B. A month ago he sacked his “friend” Daniele De Rossi to try to climb up a deficit standings. But his story is all in all a story of football and success, so much so that he is the only president in Italy who can boast three promotions in a row: the first with Bologna in 2014-15 and the following two with Venice.

Tacopina’s ‘landing’ in Italy dates back to 2011, when he joined the group of stars and stripes investors led by Thomas DiBenedetto who acquired the majority stake in Roma for 110 million euros, making the Giallorossi the first Serie A club with a Use property. Over the next three years, he served as vice president and a member of the board of directors. Then the decision to start his own business and the presidency of Bologna, Venice and finally Spal.

A completely different image is the one that Tacopina cultivates in the United States, where he is considered one of the most important criminal lawyers. Partner of ‘Tacopina Seigel & DeOreo’ in New York, he has had among his clients very famous personalities, from the former MLB star, Alex Rodriguez, to singers such as Jay-Z and Meek Mill.

The assignment received by Trump will force him to divert attention from his beloved Spal at least for a while. From the Ferrara club they let it be known that in these hectic hours the president is very busy, with his thoughts traveling between Ternana, which Spal will host tomorrow, and the Manhattan attorney, Alvin Bragg.

Tacopina, according to the website of his study, began his career as a prosecutor in Brooklyn prevailing in 39 of the 40 trials he has supported as an indictment. Switching to private practice, “he has zealously represented athletes, politicians, actors, executives, musicians, judges, law enforcement officials and other celebrities.” Among his main qualities, the site specifies, the ability to defend his clients even in the face of public opinion, an aspect that Trump should not dislike. “He has received dozens of requests for interviews from the USA”, they explain from Ferrara.

Tireless with the media, Tacopina intervenes across the board. From CNN to Fox to the Roman radios that have not forgotten his Giallorossi past and on which he recently spoke precisely to clarify De Rossi’s exemption. He can also be heard on Wabc Radio’s Bernie & Sid Morning Show. On top of that, he is also a faculty member of the Harvard Law School Trial Advocacy Workshop, the Federal Bar Council, the New York Counsel of Defense Lawyers, and the Judicial Committee for the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.