Trump’s message: “Today they arrest me, a tragic day”

The ex-president’s email to his lenders: “It’s the end of justice”. Asks for donations for the campaign: “We will conquer the White House”

“A tragic day” for the United States. Donald Trump he continues to incite his supporters a few hours before the hearing in New York for his indictment on the ‘indictment day’ destined to monopolize the news of the whole world. NBC reports that the former US president, in an email sent to lenders, writes: “Today we mourn the end of justice in America. Today is the day when a political party in power ARRESTS its main opponent for failing to committed any crime”.

Trump continues, “Our movement has overcome so much. And there’s no question in my mind that we will once again prevail and take over the White House in 2024.” The email contains a link to proceed with donations to his campaign, asking for funding between 24 and one thousand dollars.

“A tragic day for our republic”, writes Trump in the email defined as “the last before my arrest” in “an illegal court”. The former president asks to “help save America”, and for this he attaches a link for fundraising, and expresses concern that the United States is becoming a “Marxist Third World Country”.

The former president, with a post on his social network Truth, he therefore asks to move the case from Manhattan to Staten Island, “which would be a very fair and safe venue for trial.” The trial and the eventual choice of the jury will take place “in a very unfair venue, where in some areas just one percent of the population votes Republican”. Staten Island is the only New York borough where Trump won in both 2016 and 2020.

In his post, the former president then lashes out at Judge Juan Merchan, calling him “a highly biased judge.” “He was disastrously unfair in the previous Trump-related case – he adds referring to his recent conviction of the Trump Organization for tax fraud – he educated the jury in a horrible way and it is impossible to deal with him in this witch hunt “.