Trump’s report cards: votes for Putin, Xi and Macron

In the first interview after the indictment, the former president reiterates his fascination for autocratic leaders

Vladimir Putin? Intelligent. Xi Jinping? Brilliant. Emmanuel Macron? Postponed. These are Donald Trump’s report cards, questioned in the interview with Fox News, the first after his indictment in New York last week. The former president, in addition to stating that he will “never abandon” the new race for the White House in the 2024 US elections, even in the event of a conviction, reiterates his fascination for autocratic leaders.

Trump returns to affirm that Vladimir Putin is ‘very smart’ and that he had “a very good relationship with the Russian president”. The Donald reserves words of praise for the Chinese president Xi Jinping called “a brilliant man” who has “the looks, the brains, everything”. And then she goes back to bragging about “going very much agree” with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, whom he met three times during his tenure. Trump defines Saudi monarchs as “great people”, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salaman, considered by US intelligence to have ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The tycoon then enters the controversy initiated by the words of Emmanuel Macron on the need for Europe not to be a ‘vassal’ of the United States in relations with China. And he used colorful and vulgar language to say that the French president “kiss the ass” to China.

“Ok, now France is going to China, Macron, he’s a friend of mine, now he’s with China and licking his feet,” says the former president, convinced that this is happening because the United States has lost its influence since he left the White House. “We have a crazy world, which is exploding and the United States has absolutely no say in it,” he concludes.