Try not to mock before you see the Karol G meme they made

Although several days have passed since GQ magazine launched the cover with the photograph of Carol G., it continues to give something to talk about. It is that we remember that La Bichota loves to go out in nature, which is why she was not satisfied with the retouching that was done to the image and went out to clarify on her social networks, making it clear that the media did not take her repeated requests into account.

Gio Alma, a famous photographer who has already taken pictures of the ‘TQG’ interpreter, gave an interview to CNN and confessed that he was not surprised by the news since he knows the paisa singer’s way of working. Apparently, this is not new for the artist. “Carol G. has a tradition of no retouching. I took photos of her a while ago and she returned them to me saying that she wanted me to remove all the retouching that she had done on her. She didn’t surprise me, she posts very naturally,” she expressed.

He added that he was not at all surprised: “On the other hand, the magazine in question (GQ) has a long tradition of retouching, so I wasn’t surprised by either. I imagine she must be very upset.” Regarding her experience as a photographer, and seeing the image of La Bichota in instagram, he confessed: “It was bad in terms of the difference in reality and what was published. The retoucher is good, the photo is very well worked, but the retouching is very exaggerated, let’s say that’s the biggest problem”.

GQ cover. Source: Instagram @karolg

But who has also taken this news to come to light has been the Colombian actor Gregorio Pernía. The native of Cúcuta shared in the camera network, where he has 54 million followers less than Carol G., a photo of him with thinned cheeks, with the GQ logo, no doubt imitating the annoying singer. “I am very upset by the photos that they took of me on the cover of @gq” she wrote, making it clear that she was referring to it.

Gregorio Pernía made a Karol G meme. Source: Instagram @gregoriopernia

The publication of instagram went viral, just the way he wanted. Even the father of Carol G. He commented “AMAZING” along with a surprise emoji. “I don’t know if you’re making fun of Karol G or GP? please clarify it ”was just one of the many similar messages from his followers, who were confused if he was mocking the magazine or the singer. At the moment Gregorio did not make any clarification in this regard.