Try not to smile before seeing what Benjamín Vicuña looked like 40 years ago

Benjamin Vicuna Luco was born on November 29, 1978 in Santiago de Chile. He is the youngest son of Juan Pablo Vicuña Parot and Isabel Luco Morande and has 3 brothers.

Benjamin’s family Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuña.ok

I study theater at the University of Chile. Benjamín managed to become an actor, a Latin American figure, and not only in the theatrical field but also in television and cinema. Among his great achievements are his 6 beloved children. His life has hit him with multiple separations in the realm of love and even harder with the loss of his daughter, Blanca de él. However, yesterday was a special day for Benjamin.

He turned 44 years old, and he celebrated them with gratitude. as usual in his instagramI publish an emotional post written by himself in which with an almost poetic narrative tinge he greeted himself and recognized his achievements and step in life. Benjamin he usually writes this way and always delight his followers like this. They eagerly await his reflections.

Benjamin Vicuña at 4 years old. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuña.ok

In this publication of instagram in particular, Benjamin He posted a cute photo of himself at age 4. A little blond boy, innocent and portrayed in the foreground. The boy in the photo lived a moment that marked him forever, the separation of his parents from him. It is probably that particular child that the adult Benjamin wants in his writing to contain. The post in question read:

“I have a name and a story. I have a child who appears in the reflection of the mirror. I have an identity that I have not yet finished dimensioning, I have been breathing and inhabiting this body for 44 years. I have the memory of happy Christmases and others not so much I have love in heaven and on earth, I have so much that I don’t know where to put it and I lack so much that I don’t know where to start. I want to toast milk teeth, stolen bicycles and lost passions. I want to celebrate life It’s a wonderful trip full of dangerous curves, I want to hug the boy in the photo and tell him: “Calm down, everything will be fine” I want to look at the future through the eyes of the man in the photo and that gliders continue to enter the square, zebras and whales. I want to share my vertigo for the work that feeds me, I want to say that today I decide to be happy. Happy birthday, Benjamin.”