Tu si que vales 2021, who is Sadeck: age, where he comes from and the incredible background that few know

Tu si Que Vales 2021, who is the competitor Sadeck: “We prepared it in just two days”, an exhibition that left everyone speechless

Sadeck is one of the finalists of the talent show Tu si Que Vales 2021, but what do we know about him? His performance left all judges stunned. Let’s get to know him better ahead of the long-awaited final, after two months of incredible performances and competitors.

Tu si Que Vales 2021, who is Sedack? (Source Instagram)

The highly anticipated finale of You are Que Vales conducted by Belen Rodriguez, Martin Castrogiovanni, Alessio Sakara and with the legendary four judges it gets closer and closer and among the finalist competitors we find the incredible dancer Sadeck. His performance requires great talent and above all a lot of training. However, the handsome dancer after his performance revealed to the 4 judges Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammuccari, that it took him and his team only two days to learn the very complicated choreography brought to the stage.

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Who is Sedeck, competitor of Tu si Que Vales 2021?

The named competitor Sadeck is a French dancer and choreographer, very famous on the web and among celebrities. From his profile we can spy on his latest works, including choreography and dancing together with the iconic singer Shakira. On his profile Instagram has more than two hundred thousand followers, and has arrived in Italy to surprise us with its sinuous and precise moves to the millimeter. After the performance that left the judges fascinated, Sadack he explained how the many dancers who danced behind him had learned that complicated choreography in just two days.

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The dancer then explained that the music on which he creates his choreography is created by his brother, in an artistic collaboration that combines music with dance. Sadeck he later revealed that what inspires him most to create the choreography is nature. The choreographer then explains to the judges what inspiration comes from, and says that: “This idea comes from the flocks of birds, which make us feel the magic, and this is what I tried to reproduce with my dance”. For this splendid performance Sadeck it grabs the yes of the four judges and also the yes of 93% of the public. A great success for the French dancer and choreographer.

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Tu si Que Vales 2021, who is Sedack
Source Instagram

We can’t wait to see what it will do Sadeck in the next performance, and if he can take home the coveted victory of You are Que Vales.