Tumors, De Lorenzo (FAVO): “Too many deficiencies in assistance and access to screening”

“Today we are in the midst of an oncological emergency: structural deficiencies in health care, delays in access to screening and in surgical activity, increase in inequalities “. Francesco De Lorenzo, president of FAVO (Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology), during the four days organized by Favo for the XVII National Cancer Patient Dayrunning until Sunday 15 in the congress center of Rome Events Piazza di Spagna.

“The dramatic experience of the pandemic, not yet completely behind us, confirmed the importance of guaranteeing the full functioning of the NHS, however exposing significant structural deficits. During the most difficult weeks of the emergency it became clear that the level of territorial inequality achieved now requires immediate corrective interventions, and that the horizon of social and health integration is still very far away “, says De Lorenzo, recalling that”the five hundred associations federated with FAVO represent the antennas on the territory to intercept the needs of the sick and the shortcomings in the treatment path of the disease“.

One of Favo’s latest battles is for cancer patients’ right to be forgotten. “It is important because it is a new need which must correspond to a new right – comments De Lorenzo – Today we are cured of cancer and this is an important aspect to consider from a legislative point of view, so much so that five European countries have already recognized the right. to oblivion and the European Parliament also recommends it. We have presented a very short bill, precisely to ensure that people who have become ill with cancer and are free of the disease, after a certain number of years, can be compare, in terms of life expectancy – he explains – to people who have not had cancer. That is, they have the right not to have to declare that they have had cancer in the case of mortgage applications or in the case of life insurance. , to date, it is a barrier to obtaining rights that are sacrosanct for all “.