Tumors, oncologist Puglisi: “Ribociclib therapy for breast cancer is safe and well tolerated”

For the oncologist: “Natale study data show that it reduces recurrences while preserving a good quality of life”

The Natalee study of ribociclib certainly represents a step forward for the adjuvant treatment of patients with early-stage breast cancer. In fact, it has been shown to significantly reduce relapses, after diagnosis, while preserving quality of life”. She said it Fabio Puglisi, director of the Department of Medical Oncology at the Irccs CRO in Avianotoday on the sidelines of the presentation by Novartis Reports Positive Primary Endpoint Data from the Phase III Natalee Pivotal Study at the Asco Annual Meeting (American Society of Medical Oncology).

“We have known and used ribociclib for some time in the advanced stage of the disease, the metastatic – metastatic – recalls Puglisi who is also a full professor and director of the School of Specialization in Medical Oncology at the University of Udine – In the Natalee study, however, ribociclib is was also used at a lower dose, 400 mg instead of 600 mg, this certainly made it possible to preserve a good quality of life. Not only that, the combination of ribociclib with endocrine therapy does not increase the number of side effects compared to what was found with endocrine therapy alone. The only really increased side effect is neutropenia” – reduction in the number of circulating neutrophils – “which we know however is easily manageable. We can say that “it is undoubtedly a well tolerated therapy with an ability to preserve a good quality of life for our patients with a diagnosis of early stage breast cancer” he concludes.