Tumors, record surgery in Rome: ovarian neoplasm of 45 kg removed

At San Filippo Neri, a 50-year-old seriously obese woman was operated on

A 50-year-old woman, severely obese, had an ovarian neoplasm weighing 45 kilos removed. The record intervention at the San Filippo Neri hospital of the ASL Roma 1. A new life for the woman who, upon arrival in the emergency room of the San Filippo Neri, had an abdominal circumference of 170 centimeters with a total weight of about 200 kilos. “The clinical picture of the woman had completely disrupted her daily life and social life, to the point of being unable to perform simple actions such as walking – underlines a note from the ASL Roma 1 – After a careful multidisciplinary evaluation with emergency surgeons, anesthesiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists and by the nursing teams of the ward and the operating block, the patient was operated on with total removal of the mass by the emergency surgery team, coordinated by the director Irnerio Angelo Muttillo”.

“Hospitalized in advance for one night in the post-operative intensive care unit and then transferred to the hospitalization ward, where she gradually resumed her diet and returned to walking thanks to the commitment of the nursing staff and physiotherapists, Emma – concludes the note – she underwent an oncological examination which did not give any indications for therapy, but only for follow-up and was also included in dietary, metabolic and psychological assistance courses.The day of her discharge, she was finally happy and ready to face what she herself has termed ‘a new life'”.