Tunisia, Saied: “Enough interference in our internal affairs”

Last week the Tunisian government, as European Chamber sources had reported, had denied entry into the country to a delegation of deputies from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament who were supposed to meet members of civil society, trade unions and opposition representatives politics to President Kais Saied. The mission, which falls within the scope of those that the Afet commission periodically carries out abroad, had the objective of “understanding the current political situation of the country, supporting an inclusive national dialogue, and evaluating the memorandum of understanding signed by EU and Tunisia”. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, had spoken of “surprise and regret”, the German Social Democrats of “scandal”.

The position taken by the Tunisian leader

Today President Saied himself, receiving the head of government Ahmed Hachani, the ministers of the Interior Kamel Feki and of Justice Leila Jaffel, wanted to send a harsh message in relation to this refusal: “Some foreign channels are trying to give wrong news while they should pay attention to their situation and those who talk about freedom of the press and expression should inform us about the situation in their country,” the leader of Tunisia said, in a video released by the presidency, asking “please stop interfering in internal affairs because Tunisia does not intervene in their affairs.” The Tunisian president also asked to “stop these delegations who would like to inspect us, as if we were still colonized or under a protectorate. We will send them, if they wish, delegations to carry out similar operations in all these countries. As if they were the masters and we were the slaves. They come from abroad to see our situations, but we can also do the same, it is the principle of fair treatment,” she said.

The migrant question

Then, regarding the migrant issue and quoting a foreign television channel (but never named), Saied firmly reiterated: “Let everyone know that our military and security forces work on the field and do not wait for the coverage of foreign media that provide false information, as if they had taken the place of the Tunisian state. Like this investigation published by a television channel. Our forces are in the field and anyone who wants to obtain some information would do better to take an interest in their own information and their own situation. Let them prove they objectivity and provide us with the reality of the situations in their countries, instead of hurling accusations at us and taking the place of the public prosecutor. Let their interference stop”, he added.