Turin, CEI: “Italy must not be indifferent to brothers killed while they work honestly”

“Italy must not pass indifferent in front of these brothers who died tragically”. Msgr. Luigi Renna, president of the Episcopal Commission for social problems and work, justice and peace, speaking to Adnkronos, goes beyond the pain for the new massacre of workers in the Turin area, who died while working on the tracks near a railway station.

The bishop touches still exposed nerves: “Once again white deaths, but in a context, the railway one, which should have more attention than others and anticipation of anything that could compromise the safety of the workers and passengers of a convoy”. “Truly a tragedy that makes us express our solidarity with the families of those who were working honestly and in inadequately protected conditions”, says mgr. Reindeer.

The CEI exponent observes: “It is more than right that civil society, workers, trade unions make their voices heard after this very sad story, before we get used to stories like these. The right to work must be combined with the responsibility of the employer and the State, called to supervise what he has legislated. Those who pay the price are those who do the most exhausting jobs, often links in a chain in which even the minimum safety standards are treated with little attention”. Hence the appeal to the institutions: “A change of course is necessary and asks that Italy not pass indifferent in front of these brothers who died tragically”.