Turin, demonstration riots and clashes with the police

Around 300 demonstrators, including students, members of social centers and non-tav, participated in the procession organized in conjunction with the arrival of Prime Minister Meloni

There are around 300 demonstrators, including students, members of social centers and no TAV, who participated in the procession organized in Turin in conjunction with the arrival of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the Festival of the Regions. The procession, which started from Palazzo Nuovo, did not lack several moments of tension between demonstrators and law enforcement, when demonstrators attempted to approach the place where the event was taking place.

At that point they were pushed back and there was contact and disturbances. In a video, shot by a woman and ended up online, you can see some scenes of contact between officers in riot gear and demonstrators. The woman shouts to a policeman: ”What are you doing? You hit kids, can’t you see he’s a kid, leave him”. Another young man shouts, addressing the author of the video, ”take his face back”. Finally the demonstrators, after a stop in Piazza Castello, returned towards Palazzo Nuovo.

Four agents from the mobile units of Turin and Genoa were injured, around sixty people were identified. The hypothesized crimes range from resistance to injury to a public official, from an unauthorized demonstration to throwing objects.

Amnesty International Italy declares in a note that “during the demonstrations of 2 and 3 October called in Turin by students, movements and civil society to express their dissent towards the government’s policies on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister, there has been yet another illegitimate and excessive use of force by the police forces employed in public safety functions“.

The note underlines that the conduct of the police forces appeared “far from the international standards to which they must adhere and which provide, for the police forces themselves, a role of supervision and facilitation of public assemblies, in which dialogue and attempts to de- escalation of tensions are fundamental bases for the protection, exercise and full enjoyment of the right to peaceful assembly and protest”.

“The images seen circulating online show police officers chasing fleeing demonstrators with batons, hitting people who are peacefully holding up banners and, finally, limiting and blocking the movement of part of the demonstration, preventing the demonstration from taking place and ending”, he said. commented Riccardo Noury, spokesperson for the human rights organisation.