Turin Film Festival, “Men and Gods. The wonders of the Egyptian Museum” presented

One year after the celebrations for the bicentenary of its foundation, the Museo Egizio arrives at the cinema for the first time with MEN AND GODS. THE WONDERS OF THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUMthe event film premiered today at the 41st edition of Turin Film Festival and coming out in theaters next January. Produced by 3D Produzioni, Nexo Digital and Sky in collaboration with the Egyptian museum and directed by Michael Mallywhich signs the subject with Matteo Monetaauthor of the screenplay, the film sees the extraordinary participation of Oscar® winner Jeremy Irons, which guides us on a journey to discover the treasures of one of the most fascinating civilizations in ancient history.

With over 900 thousand visitors per year the Egyptian Museum is the fifth most visited museum in Italy and is the oldest in the world dedicated to the civilization of the ancient Egyptians. 40 thousand artefacts are kept in Turin, of which 12 thousand are displayed on 4 floors of the Museum. Sphinxes, colossal statues, tiny amulets, sarcophagi, tell almost 4000 years of ancient history. Among the famous finds in the world there are the Papyrus of the Kings, known abroad as the Turin King List, the only list that has come down to us that reconstructs the succession of pharaohs, handwritten on papyrus, or the Papyrus of Mines, one of the oldest known geographical maps. And also sculptures such as the statue of the priest Anen, that of Ramesses II, that of the so-called Coptic Isis, in addition to the rich funerary objects of Kha, superintendent of the construction of the tombs of the pharaohs who together with his wife Merit will be among the protagonists of the whole story .

Finds, scientific studies and behind the scenes of the Museum are narrated in a choral manner not only by the President of the Museum, Evelina Christillin, and from Director Christian Grecobut also by some of the Museum’s curators such as Cédric Gobeil, Beppe Moiso, Susanne Toepfer, Paolo Del Vesco, Federico Poole, Johannes Auenmüller, Enrico Ferraris, Alessia Fassone, Tommaso Montonatiby the restorers Cinzia Oliva, Roberta Genta, Paola Buscaglia of the Conservation and Restoration Center of La Venaria Realeby the anthropologist Pieter Ter Keurs, by the Director of the Egyptian Department of the Louvre Vincent Rondotby the Head of the Egypt and Sudan Department of the British Museum Daniel Antoineby the curators of the British Museum Ilona Regulski and Marcel Mareeby the director of the Agyptisches und Papyrussammlung of Berlin Friederike Seyfriedby the General Director of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Sabah Abdel Razik Saddikby the CEO of Ima Solutions Sarl Benjamin Moreno.

From the Louvre in Paris to the British Museum in London to the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin: these are just some of the important world museum institutions from which the members of the scientific committee of the Museum come, which boasts over 90 scientific collaborations with museums, universities and research centers international. The collections kept in Turin include over 40 thousand artefacts, which have an antiquarian nature – as they are linked to the collecting and criterion of collecting artefacts of Bernardino Drovetti, a Piedmontese diplomat in the service of the French government who sold the first nucleus of the collections of the Museum for 400 thousand lire of the time – and an archaeological nature, linked to archaeological excavation campaigns promoted by Ernesto Schiaparelli and Giulio Farina in Egypt at the beginning of the twentieth century.

But why in Turin, in 1824, was it decided to open a museum that had no equal in the world, dedicated to a civilization still in the process of being revealed? Who was the first to see the profile of the pyramids in the Alps? To discover the origins of the Museum in MEN AND GODS. THE WONDERS OF THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM we will thus go up the Nile in the footsteps of its great explorers and archaeologists of the past: Donati, Drovetti, Schiapparelli. We will visit the places where the main finds of the Turin collections come from, from Giza to Thebes up to the ancient village of Deir el Medina, inhabited by the scribes and craftsmen of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Queens. And we will travel back in time, to the mid-1500s, when the sovereigns of Piedmont, the Savoys, to give prestige to their capital, rewrote the myth of Turin’s Egyptian origins, superimposing the bull, symbol of the city, with the god Apis, who had the appearance of a bull and was venerated in ancient Egypt. Through the sarcophagi and the objects of the grave goods of the tomb of Kha and Merit we will instead tell the journey of the architect Kha in the Underworld, from the moment of mummification to the funeral, up to the judgment before Osiris and life in the afterlife, following the pages of the Book of the Dead.

Complete the visual journey original soundtrackcomposed and orchestrated by the pianist and composer Remo Anzovino and performed by the author with the Accademia Naonis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Valter Sivilotti, released on the Nexo Digital label and Believe distribution in 2024.

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