Turin, they threw bikes from the Murazzi: the 3 minors sentenced

Sentences between 6 and 9 years, no probation

No probation. The juvenile court of Turin convicted of attempted murder the three teenagers, two boys and a girl, who on the evening of January 21 threw a bicycle from the Murazzi balustrade, hitting the university student Mauro Glorioso on the head. The sentences are respectively 9 years and 9 months for the young man who is now an adult but 17 years old at the time of the events, 9 years and 4 months for the 15 year old and 6 years and 8 months for the girl. The Prosecutor had asked for 13 years for the 17-year-old and 9 years for the 15-year-old and the girl. The defense had instead asked for probation for everyone.

“It is a very significant penalty for minors, which is not often given, which teaches us even more that when it is assessed with knowledge and ability, even under current legislation, minors are answerable for their actions” said Emma Avezzù prosecutor of the court of the minors of Turin.

“I hope that the kids, the community, the baby gangs with this sentence realize that you cannot play with life, I hope that this sentence makes it clear that when you are wrong you risk seriously”, said Giuseppe Glorioso, the father of Mauro, the young man who was seriously injured by the bicycle being thrown. Leaving the court accompanied by the lawyer, Simona Grabbi, father Giuseppe added: “It’s a rampant problem, too, too serious, let’s hope that at least all of this can have a meaning because my son won’t be returned to me in the conditions prior to that evening , but at least that something positive can come from this”.

“We consider this a balanced decision at the end of a trial that caused the family further, great, suffering because witnessing the reconstruction of the facts by the three defendants was extremely painful even with all the said and unsaid”, said the lawyer Grabbi.

“A sadly exemplary sentence which, above all against a boy, does not solve the problem, but exacerbates it and anyone who deludes himself about this is wrong,” said Domenico Peila, lawyer for one of the three minors.

“The request for probation that we had made for all three boys was rejected, the prosecutor’s system on the attempted murder was confirmed, which we contested because for us it concerns very serious injuries – underlines Michele Ianniello, lawyer of another of the three minors – We are waiting 90 days to read the reasons, it is certainly a judicial matter that does not end now”. The lawyer made a request for modification of pre-trial detention for his client, explaining that “for me, the precautionary requirements no longer apply or in any case they can be mitigated, for example with the measure of house arrest which would make it possible to avoid the greatest danger that prosecution adombra, i.e. the recurrence of the offence”. During this morning’s hearing, the lawyers reported, one of the boys read a statement of shame and apology and asked the court for a second chance “in order to demonstrate that it is not the monster that has been highlighted” . A gesture that the lawyer of the Glorioso family, Simona Grabbi, comments “are not excuses, it is not enough to say sorry three times when there has not been a word of repentance”.