Turin, woman in prison with one-month-old son moved to the institute for detained mothers

The Ministry of Justice announced this in a note

The woman imprisoned in the ‘Lorusso e Cutugno’ prison in the Piedmontese capital together with her one-month-old son, “having received the investigating judge’s order, was immediately moved this morning to the Icam of Turin”, the attenuated custody institution for mothers held near the prison and dedicated to women prisoners with children. The Ministry of Justice announced this in a note.

“The management of the institute had immediately requested the move and immediately, already yesterday – we read – the attenuated custody institute for detained mothers in Turin had been identified. As soon as the order from the competent judge arrived, steps were taken to shift”.

The child “entered with his mother into the women’s section of the Lorusso and Cutugno prison. That child, like all the children of male and female prisoners, should not be behind bars. We ask the government and the majority to go back on the veto of the proposal of law which provides this for all Italian prisons”, stated yesterday Marco Grimaldi, deputy group leader of the deputies of the Green-Left Alliance. With him, Sara Diena, municipal councilor of the Ecologist Left.

“We are here because we have received the appeal and the letter from the women detained in the women’s section, who ask for more interviews and video calls”, explained Grimaldi and Diena, launching “an appeal to Minister Nordio: let’s bring the most complex prison in the world back to legality”. Italy: 1448 prisoners compared to a maximum capacity of 1118. If we decongest the structure, we could envisage, as happened after years of complaints to the Sestante, the restructuring of the entire pavilion B, the most dilapidated of the entire structure, where infiltrations and mold they are the lowest common denominator of that rotten block of concrete.”