Turkey earthquake, videos of the earthquake that caused hundreds of deaths

Turkey and Syria were literally overwhelmed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the two countries during the Italian night, causing the death of hundreds of people and enormous damage to infrastructure. The images already circulated from the first moments following the frightening aftershocks, followed by numerous aftershocks, testify to the extent of the earthquake with a hypocenter at a depth of about 25 kilometers and an epicenter in Gaziantep (LIVE UPDATES – PHOTOS OF THE DEVASTATION – THE WORST EARTHQUAKE OF ALWAYS).

In the Turkish city of Sanliurfa, the images of the collapse of a building, completely razed to the ground by the passage of the earthquake, are impressive.

Sirens blaring, emergency vehicles and footage from inside buildings testify to the violence of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, forcing rescuers to make desperate interventions to save the survivors.

People dig under the rubble non-stop to locate the survivors: among the most impressive images is that of a man trying to talk to a victim buried by a collapse.

Thousands of people are currently injured as a result of the earthquake swarm, but the fear is that the number of victims could increase drastically over the next few hours.

Silence and devastation in the first images taken by amateur cameras on the site of the earthquake. The rescuers work incessantly to save as many lives as possible.

The snapshots taken by a drone show the consequences of the earthquake from above, with the inhabitants of the areas affected by the earthquake among the rubble of what remains of the cities hit.