Turkey, magnitude 7.9 earthquake: tsunami warning returns in southern Italy

An earthquake measuring 7.8 was recorded at 3:17 local time (2:17 in Italy) in southern Turkey, not far from the border with Syria. According to data from the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv) and the US geological monitoring service Usgs, the earthquake had its hypocenter about 25 km deep and its epicenter in the province of Gaziantep. Based on the data processed by the Tsunami Alert Center (Cat) of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv), the Civil Protection Department has issued an alert for possible tsunami waves arriving on the Italian coast following the earthquake. of magnitude 7.9 with epicenter between Turkey and Syria at 2:17. In a statement, the Civil Protection “recommends moving away from the coastal areas, reaching the higher nearby area and following the instructions of the local authorities”. Later the operational director Luigi D’Angelo to Rainews declared the scaling of the alert: “We continue to monitor the situation”. The impact wave should arrive on the Sicilian coast at 6:35 in Syracuse‚ at 6:39 in Catania and at 6:40 in Messina. Following the wave could impact Portopalo, Ginostra, Strombolicchio, Milazzo, Palermo, Marettimo, Gela, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Porto Empedocle, Sciacca and Mazara del Vallo. The Regional Civil Protection Department (Drpc) of Sicily “invites citizens to move away from the low coast‚ from port areas‚ and to warn the population and pay the utmost attention”.

Dozens of victims, at least 135 buildings collapsed

Ten people have died in the southern Turkish province of Urfa following a 7.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the region, provincial governor Salih Ayhan told Turkish television NTV. Shortly before, the Turkish state agency Anadolu had reported an initial toll of five dead due to the strong earthquake in the province of Osmaniye. More than 80 deaths are also reported in Syria.

The note of the civil defense

“The tsunami – explains the note from the Civil Protection – consists of a series of sea waves produced by the rapid movement of a large mass of water. The alert indicates the possibility of a real danger for people who are near the coast, especially if in areas that are not very high, or even lower, than sea level. Even a wave of only 0.5 meters in height – it is underlined in the press release – can generate dangerous floods and very strong currents”. “The Civil Protection Department, in conjunction with Ingv, the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (Ispra) and the structures of the National Civil Protection Service (Snpc), will continue to provide all available updates on the evolution of the event”, concludes the note. Later the operational director of the Civil Protection Luigi D’Angelo reduced the alert to Rainews with the appropriate prudence: “The wave should be about fifteen centimeters, but we continue to monitor the situation”.