Turkey, trucks on the crowd: 16 dead

The driver has lost control of the vehicle, including a brake failure

At least 16 people were killed and 29 injured, eight seriously, in a new heavy accident that occurred in Turkey less than 24 after the rear-end collision, which took place in the Gaziantep region, which produced the same number of victims. The new incident occurred in Derik, in the province of Mardin, in the south east of the country, where a truck driver lost control of the vehicle which crashed into the crowd.

“We are devastated by this second incident,” said Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, explaining that, according to initial findings, the accident was caused by a failure of the truck’s brakes. The dynamics of the accident are also similar to that of Gazientep: the truck ended up on a team of rescuers and other people who rushed to help the vehicles involved in a previous accident.

Meanwhile, the governor of Gaziantep confirmed that in the accident, caused by a bus that collided with emergency vehicles, rushed to a previous accident, another 16 people died, including three firefighters, four health workers and two reporters. 21 people were injured.