Turkey, videos of the earthquake that sowed death and destruction on the border with Syria

Turkey and Syria were literally overwhelmed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the two countries on 6 February, causing the death of hundreds of people and enormous damage to infrastructure. The images that circulated from the first moments following the frightening aftershocks, followed by numerous aftershocks, testify to the extent of the earthquake with its hypocenter at a depth of about 25 kilometers and its epicenter in Gaziantep, while digging continues in the rubble in search of survivors ( LIVE UPDATES – PHOTOS OF THE DEVASTATION – WORST EARTHQUAKE EVER).

They continue to dig through the rubble, in Turkey and Syria, in search of survivors. In this video the rescue of a little girl extracted from what remains in a collapsed building in Jindires, Syria.

Another child rescued after spending 28 hours buried in rubble. This time in the city Hatay, Turkey. The baby has been hydrated and cared for and is now in good health.

Gutted buildings and rubble everywhere: this is how the city of Hatay, in Turkey, appears in the images of a drone that immortalized the devastation caused by the earthquake

Rubble and flattened buildings along a road in Iskenderun, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, in this video shot by residents of the Turkish resort and released by Storyful

In the Turkish city of Sanliurfa, the images of the collapse of a building, completely razed to the ground by the passage of the earthquake, are impressive.

Sirens blaring, emergency vehicles and footage from inside buildings testify to the violence of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, forcing rescuers to make desperate interventions to save the survivors.

People dig under the rubble non-stop to locate the survivors: among the most impressive images is that of a man trying to talk to a victim buried by a collapse.

Thousands of people have already died following the earthquake swarm, but the fear is that the number of victims could increase drastically over the next few hours.

Silence and devastation in the first images taken by amateur cameras on the site of the earthquake. The rescuers work incessantly to save as many lives as possible.

The snapshots taken by a drone show the consequences of the earthquake from above, with the inhabitants of the areas affected by the earthquake among the rubble of what remains of the cities hit.

In these images the terrifying collapse of a building in Malatya, with the locals fleeing for safety during an earthquake.

The images of the rescue of a little girl who fell under the rubble. There are still hundreds of people under the debris

Coach Vincenzo Montella, a former striker of the Italian national team, spoke on the phone of his fear of the earthquake that has devastated southern Turkey. “With Demirspor – says the Adana coach – we have been in Instabul since yesterday, the match with Umraniyespor has been cancelled. In Adana I know that the earthquake was felt strongly, many of my players are worried about their families. They reported that buildings collapsed and that many people were on the streets during the night. Even the hotel where I stay in Adana I know was evacuated and caught fire”. READ THE ARTICLE

A drone has collected images of the devastation in Syria, where more than a thousand people have died due to the earthquake