Türkiye, Charlie Hebdo cartoon with Erdogan electrocuted: Ankara is angry

“Like Cloclus, only fate will free us from Erdogan,” headlines the French satirical weekly

New chapter in the ‘feud’ between the Turkish government and Charlie Hebdo. This time Ankara’s wrath was unleashed by the new cover of the French satirical weekly which portrays the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, naked and immersed in a bathtub being electrocuted by contact with a light bulb. “Like Cloclo, only fate will free us from Erdogan,” headlines Charlie Hebdo, referring to the French singer-songwriter and actor who died instantly after being electrocuted by an electric shock.

“I appeal to Charlie Hebdo and his acolytes. Whatever you do, you cannot intimidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan. You cannot divert us from our path”, commented the spokesman of the Turkish presidency, Fahrettin Altun, ahead of the ballot to be held in Turkey on 28 May and to which the incumbent president arrives as a favourite. Calling Charlie Hebdo one of the best-known “centers of provocation, insults and blasphemy in the world’s media” on social media, Altun called the cartoon “disgusting and immoral”.

“It seems that the great success of the president in the May 14 elections has disturbed the sleep of these dishonorable people” who “are spewing their hatred,” he added. According to Erdogan’s other spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, on May 28 it will be the Turkish people who will give “the best answer” to Charlie Hebdo, by voting en masse for the incumbent president.