Tuscany, bad weather gives no respite. New alert in Quarrata

The Stella torrent breaks its banks at the same point as the November 2nd flood. Mayor Gabriele Romiti: “Critical situation, go to the top floors”

The bad weather alert continues in Tuscany, after the violent flood that caused 7 deaths. The situation is particularly critical in Quarrata, one of the municipalities most affected by the floods of November 2nd, where the Stella torrent broke its banks again last night.

On Facebook, the mayor Gabriele Romiti warns that “due to the heavy rains that have fallen on the already flooded areas, the situation on the Stella at the Torto bridge is very critical. The population is warned to go up to the upper floors of the buildings and absolutely not to go down to the streets. We also expect problems due to strong winds: if you can, don’t hit the road”, the mayor’s appeal.

Situation of the rivers in Tuscany

The Region has made the situation of the rivers in Tuscany known: Ombrone: first warning level exceeded in Pontelungo (PT) at 2.15 m. Bisenzio in Gamberame: passed the first guard level in Vaiano at 1.90 m. Lean: increasing close to the second threshold in Villafranca at 2.89 m. Stella: Passed the first level at 2.5 m in Quarrata. Bisenzio: increasing but still half a meter before reaching the first level in Prato. Arno: increasing but no critical issues and well below the first reference threshold.