Tuscany, ‘SquisIta’ by Metro Italia to promote excellent food and wine

Promote the typical excellence of the area and support local producers: these are just some of the pillars of the sustainability strategy of Metro Italy, which favors the debate between all the players in the out-of-home consumption chain on the promotion of Made in Italy food and wine in the Tuscany Region. In the setting of the La Leggenda Dei Frati restaurant by chefs Filippo Saporito and Ombretta Giovannini in Florence, Metro Italia organized a discussion on the promotion of local food and wine excellence, supporting the link with the territory of origin and encouraging the adoption by restaurateurs of excellent first courses, a symbol of local tradition (PHOTO GALLERY).

The event represented the fifth leg of the tour ‘SquisIta – Italy in a mouthful‘, promoted by Metro Italia in 2022 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary to underline the company’s strong link with the excellent local productions throughout the country. Nationally, Metro has around 7,000 local products in its assortment in its stores, of which over 970 from Tuscany. To guarantee a wide range of regional excellence, Metro Italia collaborates with 120 companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in Tuscany, which supply numerous products such as wine, cheese, cured meats, fruit and vegetables and fish, many of which are certified Igp (32), Pat ( 30), Dop (49) and Docg (31).

“The culinary traditions and typical features of Tuscany play a central role in our gastronomic culture, an invaluable treasure that we at Metro Italia want to continue to promote and enhance. To do this, we take the field alongside producers and HoReCa professionals, supporting the local socio-economic fabric also with a view to sustainability – he says Marco Cosi, Head of Beverage, Wine, Near Food and Localism – We have decided to hold the fifth stage of the SquisIta tour in Florence because the Tuscan territory plays a fundamental role for the company in supporting a strategy that increasingly aims at enhancing Made in Italy”.

“In the Menù della Leggenda all the dishes pay homage to the raw materials chosen with care and each with its own story. Once tasted by the guests, it is there that the ingredients take on meaning, together with our profession which is to create dishes and compose alchemies that nourish people by becoming part of them forever: a gesture of silent love that of the food on the plate, but saturated with wonder”, declare the chefs Filippo Saporito and Ombretta Giovannini.

“Quality starts from the field. We promote a model of a safe, traced agricultural supply chain, attentive to the smallest details, ethical and sustainablewhich knows how to guarantee catering professionals products with excellent organoleptic, sensorial and nutritional properties”, says Patrizia Ferradini, president of Del Colle.

“We believe that the pursuit of quality is a goal to be pursued in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. The limited numbers, the reduced volumes and the meticulous and exclusively handcrafted processes ensure the attention and care for our products and allow us to make ‘Quality’ with an agriculture that rhymes with nature. Transparency, a very short supply chain and constant monitoring are the guarantee of a genuine and extremely safe local product”, they conclude Carlo and Luigi Bolli, owners of the Historic Palagiaccio Farm.