Tv, Malgioglio, ‘to ‘Mi casa es tu cas’ he dedicates music to Aldo Grasso’

‘I love Iva Zanicchi but I don’t share her language, I always scold her, dirty jokes would not be welcome in my program’

“I imagined a dedication in music to the critic and ‘Corriere della Sera’ journalist Aldo Grasso because criticism is important even if I don’t always agree, but thank goodness it exists. What does I have to do with it, for example, with Drusilla Foer? She is a woman of the theater and much more intelligent than me and then I’m not sick of self-centredness, as many write. However… fat is always dripping”. This is what Cristiano Malgioglio told Adnkronos that tomorrow he returns to Rai 2 (at 9.30 pm) to host the program ‘Mi casa es tu casa’, among the guests Mara Venier, the singer Luz Casal, icon of Pedro Almodovar and a well-known masked face comedian.

Happy with his television living room where Malgioglio hosts friends and stars. “A colorful, playful, irreverent program with an ironic touch, but always in small doses – he explained again to Adnkronos – I don’t want to talk about war, crime news, suicides, politics and I don’t even want my guests to tell dirty jokes. I know Iva Zanicchi well – he added – She was a guest on my program, together we won a Sanremo Festival in 1974 with the song ‘Ciao cara come stai?’, we are very close friends, but I always scold her, I don’t love her language . But she is like that, she has no qualms, even in private. Iva still remains my talisman, my lucky woman”.

Any fear for the ratings, Malgioglio, who to date have not rewarded his program? “What matters – he confessed – is the people who stop you on the street, from grandchildren to grandparents, they tell me that I have given them moments of joy and happiness. In ‘Mi casa es tu casa’ there is life, fun, humanity , I feel like a little smurf loved by everyone. My dream? To radiate light everywhere. Queen Elizabeth had already announced this to her subjects in one of her last Christmas speeches, ‘light will triumph over darkness’. I’d like to to happen with my program”.

The well-known singer-songwriter then concluded by thanking the director of Rai 2 Stefano Coletta for having ‘offered’ him the running of the programme. “Wonderful director – added Malgioglio – A free man, with an extraordinary culture. After Rai2 I will return to Rai1 with ‘Tale e Which Show’, the musical challenge conducted by Carlo Conti and then ready to comment from Liverpool on Eurovision alongside Gabriele Corsi” , he announced.