TV, Montesano: “I formally ask Rai to return to ‘Dancing with the Stars'”

“Sentenced without trial while Rai itself produces films about X Mas hero”

“I was convicted without trial and excluded without the possibility of explaining my reasons. A treatment that is not reserved even for murderers caught in the act of a crime”. Thus begins the very harsh and heartfelt open letter that Henry Montesano he sent to Adnkronos to forcefully claim his rights after the sudden exclusion from the broadcast ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for having worn, during the rehearsals of the programme, a t-shirt bearing the logo of flotilla X Mas. “The democratic and civil values, to which reference was made in the press release announcing my suspension from the program, by Rai, have been repeatedly trampled on, as well as the rights of the person protected by our constitution. I even apologized to those who he felt offended,” thunders the actor.

Who returns to the merits of the story, explaining the facts: “I wore a t-shirt, during rehearsals, bearing symbols of the Italian Navy, absolutely legal and linked to moments that are not only dark and painful, but also glorious and worthy of being celebrated; so much so that on the occasion of official events they paraded and paraded, in the presence of the highest offices of the State”. Montesano then focuses attention on an aspect that concerns Rai: “Now Rai itself is making a film on the heroic deeds of the commander of the X MasSalvatore Todaro”, he says. The reference is to the film in progress ‘Comandante’, with Pierfrancesco Favinodirected by director Edoardo De Angelis, true story of Salvatore Todaro who in 1940 saved the lives of 26 men after their merchant ship sank.

Montesano then makes a formal appeal to state TV: “I formally ask Rai to retrace its steps and to reintegrate myself into the programme, to give me the possibility of explaining my position to viewers and to public opinion – the popular Roman actor articulates – otherwise it would hard not to believe in an ad personam persistence. I am a free man of peace and dialogue as my personal and artistic history demonstrates. I would like to go back to doing my job for the public who have never left me alone and whom I sincerely thank”. Montesano reserves one last thought “for those who have exploited the story, giving it an artfully negative reading, out of interest, ignorance or lightness, I say that I have not committed any crimewearing a t-shirt does not mean praising anything or anyone, like when you wear t-shirts with other symbols, writings and images”.