TV ratings, 22.11% share for Tali e Quali 2023

And over 3.5 million spectators

Audience approval is up for Tali e Quali 2023, the talent show hosted by Carlo Conti which, in the early evening of yesterday Saturday 4 February, with 3 million 676 thousand equal to 22.1% share, scored almost two share points more compared to last week. On Rai 2, the appointment with the episode of the American series FBI entitled ‘Ghosts’ obtained 776 thousand (4%) and following That the revolution begins of the series FBI International was seen by 649 thousand spectators and 3.6%. On the third network there was also a positive trend for Le Parole by Massimo Gramellini which attracted the attention of 1 million 619 thousand users and 8.4%. This was reported by a note from Rai.

Nunzia De Girolamo’s talk show did very well in the late evening on the flagship network Hello male, reaching 12.6% with 773,000 spectators. In the same time slot on Rai 3 Corrado Augias’ Secret Cities, set in Berlin, achieved a 6.4% share and 1 million 76 thousand spectators. On Rai 2 Senza Rete, the docufilm that described cyberbullying was seen by 201,000 viewers (1.3%). Early evening remains the prerogative of L’Eredità weekend which wins 4 million 246 thousand and a 25.6% share, while in prime time access the usual leader is I soliti ignoti – il tornato, seen yesterday by 4 million 372 thousand people with a share of 22.6%. Excellent audience for Prima Festival which scores 3 million 813 thousand and a 20.1% share.