TV ratings, ‘Cuori 2’ wins but it’s a boom for Fazio with ‘Che tempo che fa’

Historic result for the debut of the broadcast on Nove

Yesterday’s prime time, Sunday 15 October 2023, was won by the drama ‘Cuori 2’ on Rai1, with 2,879,000 viewers and a 16.8% share, but the Auditel news of the day is the result of ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ by Fabio Fazio who debuted yesterday on the Nove obtaining a historic result. Preceded by a preview, followed by 1,633,000 spectators with an 8.8% share, the first episode of the twenty-first edition of ‘Che Tempo Che Fa’ obtained an average of 2,100,000 spectators on the Nine with 10.47% of shares. Followed by ‘Che Tempo Che Fa – Il Tavolo’, from 10.23pm to 12am, recorded 1,122,000 viewers with an 8.2% share. But the program, broadcast live in simulcast on all the free networks of the Warner Bros. Discovery group, obtained a total of 2,608,000 spectators with 13% in the central part and 1,476,000 spectators with 10.83% in the late evening segment of ‘ Table’.

Discovery’s post

An unprecedented result, as underlined on Fazio’s program account: “Historic result for the first episode of Che Tempo Che Fa: 2.1 million viewers and 10.5% only on Nove, quintupling the network average, and 2.6 million and 13% in simulcast. It is the most watched program ever on Warner Bros @DiscoveryItalia. Thank you, so much”, we read next to a smiling photo of Fazio with Luciana Littizzetto.

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