TV ratings, ‘Cuori’ starts again and wins in prime time

‘Free Fall – The Best’ second on the podium, third ‘Fbi Most Wanted’

The series restarted yesterday on Rai1Hearts‘, now in its second edition, immediately winning the challenge in prime time with 3,224,000 viewers equal to 18.16% for the first episode, 2,893,000 and 20.85% for the second and an average of 3,049,000 and 19.4% against ‘Free Fall – The Best‘ which on Canale 5 totaled 1,690,000 viewers and an 11.9% share. He climbs to the third step of the podium in prime time ‘Fbi Most Wanted’ on Italia 1 with 1,141,000 viewers and 6.54% share.

They follow, in order: ‘Il collegium’ on Rai2 with 1,011,000 viewers and a 5.65% share; ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ on Rete4 with 906,000 and 7.13%; ‘Il provinciale’ on Rai3 with 672,000 and 3.78%; ‘In Onda’ on La7 with 647,000 and 4%; ‘Only Fun – Comico Show’ on Nine with 460,000 and 2.9%; ‘Head held high’ on TV8 with 330,000 viewers equal to a 1.9% share.

Prime time and early evening access

In access prime time, Rai1 wins with ‘Affari Tui’ which achieves an audience of 4,305,000 viewers equal to 23.07% share, while on Canale 5 the new edition of ‘Paperissima Sprint’ gets 2,597,000 viewers and 13, 92% share.

In the early evening, ‘Chain Reaction’ on Rai1 with 3,695,000 viewers and a 25.87% share surpasses ‘Caduta Libera Story’ on Canale 5 which stops at 2,194,000 viewers equal to a 15.81% share.

The overall data

As for the overall data for the entire day (generalist plus all news), the Rai networks globally obtained an average share of 28.9% with 30.1% in prime time, the Mediaset networks 25.1% with 24 .3% in prime time.