TV ratings, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ grows to 25% and wins the evening

In second place was ‘The Album of Tú Sí Que Vales’, which obtained 2,231,000 viewers and 17.2%, followed by ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Sea of ​​Monsters’

‘Dancing with the Stars’ grows and wins the ratings in yesterday’s prime time. The Rai1 program with Milly Carlucci, in fact, was seen by 3,330,000 viewers equal to a 25% share, overcoming the competition of Canale 5 which with ‘The Album of Tú Sí Que Vales’ obtained 2,231,000 viewers and 17.2%. Third place for Italia 1 which with ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Sea of ​​Monsters’ totaled 899,000 viewers and a share of 5.3%.

Just outside the podium was La7 which with ‘In altre parole’ garnered 817,000 viewers and 4.6% while Rai2 with ‘SWAT’ recorded 800,000 with a 4.5% share. On Rai3 the first episode of ‘Sapiens – Un solo planet’ involved 654,000 viewers equal to 4.3% and Retequattro with the film ‘Pari e dispari’ scored 2.9% with 469,000 viewers, followed by Nove where ‘Accordi & Disaccordi’ had a following of 429,000 viewers, equal to a 2.5% share. Finally, TV8 with ‘4 Ristoranti’ obtained 372,000 viewers and a 2.1% share.

In access prime time ‘Striscia la notizia’ on Canale 5 attracted 3,201,000 viewers with a 17% share. In the early evening Rai1 with ‘Chain Reaction’ entertained 3,351,000 viewers equal to 19.5% while ‘Free Fall! Story’ on Canale 5 involved 2,281,000 equal to 13.5% share. Overall, the comparison of the generalist networks Rai plus RaiNews24 with the generalist Mediaset plus TgCom24 shows Rai with 3,093,000 viewers and a 33.2% share and Mediaset with 2,284,000 and 24.5% for the entire day. In prime time, the Rai plus RaiNews24 networks attracted 5,655,000 viewers with a 30.6% share, while those of Cologno Monzese plus TgCom24 recorded 4,779,000 viewers equal to a 25.9% share.