TV ratings, detective Morgane beats ‘Like a cat on the ring road 2’

Third place was ‘diMartedì’, which is growing

Morgane – Brilliant detective‘ broadcast on Rai1 won yesterday’s prime time ratings thanks to 2,522,000 viewers and 13.9%, beating the Canale 5 film, ‘Like a cat on the ring road – Return to Coccia di Morto‘ which instead obtained 1,974,000 viewers equal to 11.9% share. Third place ‘on Tuesday‘ which grew on La7, gathering 1,274,000 viewers and 8.1%.

On Rai2 ‘Beasts‘ recorded 1,235,000 viewers with a 7.7% share while on Italia 1 ‘Hyenas‘, which lasted past 1am, totaled 1,158,000 viewers and 9.3%. Retequattro with ‘It’s always Cartabianca‘ affected 869,000 viewers equal to 6.5% while the debut of ‘Come on People‘ on Rai3 won 574,000 viewers with 3.6%. On Tv8 ‘Beijing Express – The way to the Indies‘ was seen by 571,000 viewers equal to 3.6% and ‘I, Robot‘ on nine had a following of 304,000 viewers with a 1.9% share.

Prime time, early evening and full day access: who wins

In the’access prime time Rai1 is firmly in first position with ‘Cinque Minuti’ (4,383,000 viewers, 22% share) and, following, with ‘Affari Tuoi’ (4,838,000 viewers, 23.3% share). Canale 5 with ‘Striscia la Notizia’ obtained 2,913,000 viewers and a 14% share. Also the early evening saw the dominance of Rai1 with ‘Chain Reaction’ which recorded 4,339,000 viewers equal to a 28% share. On Canale5 ‘Caduta libera’ attracted 2,497,000 viewers and a 17.2% share. In the comparison of the generalist networks Rai plus all news with Mediaset on the same perimeter, Rai inall day obtained 30% against 27.3% for Mediaset, while in prime time the generalist channels plus the all news Rai scored 30% against 26.6% for Mediaset channels.