TV ratings, ‘Doc’ on Rai1 wins prime time again

In second place the first semi-final of the Italian Super Cup Napoli-Fiorentina with 15.1%

The third season of the fiction ‘Doc – nelle Tue Mani’ scores another victory: yesterday, Thursday 18 January 2024, on Rai1 it was seen by 4,714,000 viewers with a 25% share. In second place, the first semi-final of the Italian Super Cup Napoli-Fiorentina on Italia 1, with 3,367,000 spectators and a 15.1% share. In third place, ‘Terra Amara’ on Canale 5, with 2,816,000 viewers and a 14.4% share.

Following, among other prime time ratings: ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ on Rete4 (1,055,000 viewers, 6.7% share), ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on Rai2 (983,000 viewers, 5% share), ‘Splendida Cornice’ on Rai3 (829,000 spectators, share 4.4%), ‘Piazzapulita’ on La7 (778,000 spectators, share 5%), ‘Nove Comedy Club’ with Katia Follesa and Angelo Pisani in ‘Till social non ci separi’ on Nove (400,000 spectators, share 1.9 %), ‘Quelle Brave Ragazze 2’ on Tv8 (378,000 spectators, 1.8% share, in the first episode, and 255,000 spectators, 1.7% share, in the second).

In access prime time, ‘Cinque Minuti’ (with 4,151,000 viewers, 18.9% share) and ‘Affari Tuoi’ (with 5,157,000 viewers, 22.4% share) on Rai1 confirmed their success. While ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5 obtained 3,495,000 spectators and a 15.2% share.

Victory for Rai1 also in the early evening with ‘L’Eredità – La Sfida dei 7’ (3,441,000 spectators, 23.2% share) and ‘L’Eredità’ (4,752,000 spectators, 26.2% share9. While on Canale5 ‘Avanti il Primo!’ recorded 2,790,000 spectators (share 19.7%) and ‘Avanti un Altro!’ obtained 3,828,000 spectators (share 21.8%).