TV ratings, Fiorello beats himself and ‘Montalbano’ wins prime time

‘Who has seen?’ on Rai3, in second place, beating ‘The Devil Wears Prada’

Fiorello beats himself. In the third dawn of the broadcast of “Viva Rai 2!” the cheerful brigade led by the Sicilian showman almost reached a 21% share (20.6%) and glued 1,113,000 spectators to the television. A growing trend, followed by the segment “…And long live the videobox” which reached a 7.9% share and 422,000 viewers. The replay of Fiorello’s show was also very good: “Viva Rai 2! A bit of Rai1 too”, broadcast during the night on the flagship network, obtained an 8.4% share and 234,000 viewers.

Even the stainless “Montalbano” fears no rivals and wins the prime time rerun with almost 3 million viewers (2,928,000 spectators) and an 18% share, placing Rai1 at the top of the ranking of the most watched networks in prime time. In second place, ‘Who Seen It?’ on Rai3, with 1,863,000 viewers and an 11.9% share. Third, the evergreen film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ on Canale 5, with 1,818,000 spectators and an 11.4% share.

Following, among other prime time ratings: ‘Die Hard – A good day to die’ on Italia 1 (955,000 viewers, 5.5% share), ‘Fuori dal Coro’ on Rete4 (894,000 viewers, 6.7% share), ‘ A Special Day’ on La7 (787,000 spectators, share 4.8%), ‘Corpo Libero’ on Rai2 (421,000 spectators, share 2.5%), ‘X Factor’ on Tv8 (410,000 spectators, share 3.1%), ‘A fantastic coming and going ‘ on the Nine (297,000 spectators, 1.8% share).

Rai1 is also winning in access prime time, with ‘Cinque Minuti’ (4,087,000 viewers, 20.5% share) and ‘Affari Tuoi’ (4,774,000 viewers, 23.7% share) overtaking ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5 ( 3,052,000 spectators, 15.1% share).

Victory for Rai1 also in the early evening, with ‘Reazione a Catena – The Winning Agreement’ (3,035,000 spectators, 21.3% share) and ‘Reazione a Catena’ (4,312,000 spectators, 25.3% share) prevailing over ‘Caduta Libera – The Challenge Begins’ (1,877,000 spectators, 14.4% share) and ‘Caduta Libera’ (3,009,000 spectators, 18.4% share) broadcast on Canale 5.

Overall, Rai prevails over Mediaset in the comparison of the sum of the general interest networks plus the all news network, both in the 24 hours (29.1% against 25.3%) and in prime time (28.1% against 25.7 %).