TV ratings, head to head between ‘The Voice Kids’ and ‘Ciao Darwin’

The third step of the podium is also disputed between ‘Quarto Grado’ and ‘Fratelli di Crozza’

It’s neck and neck for yesterday’s ratings victory between two debuts, ‘The Voice Kids’ and ‘Hello Darwin’, who both start well with Bonolis having a slight advantage. In fact, on Rai1 the second edition of the program hosted by Antonella Clerici obtained 3,944,000 viewers with a 22.4% share, while the return of the Canale 5 program totaled 3,987,000 with 25%. The third step of the podium is also contested with Retequattro with ‘Quarto Grado’ scoring a 7.8% share and 1,224,000 viewers and ‘Fratelli di Crozza’ on the Nove with 1,313,000 viewers and 6.4%.

On La7 ‘Propaganda Live’ recorded 889,000 viewers and a 6% share, while Italia 1 with ‘Battleshp’ garnered 672,000 viewers and 3.7% and Rai2 with ‘The Rookie’ gained 528,000 viewers equal to 2.8 %. On Rai3 ‘On your guard!’ it involved 445,000 viewers with 2.2%, while Tv8 with ‘4 Ristoranti’ closes yesterday’s prime time ranking with 269,000 viewers and a 1.5% share.

In access prime time, Rai1’s dominance is confirmed with ‘Cinque Minuti’ (4,195,000 viewers and 21.6%) and, followed by ‘Affari Tuoi’ (4,806,000 viewers and 23.2% share ). Canale 5 with ‘Striscia la Notizia’ obtained 3,824,000 viewers and 18.5%. Also in the early evening Rai1 won with ‘Reazione a Catena’ seen by 4,320,000 viewers equal to 25.8%, while ‘Caduta Libera’ on Canale 5 recorded 2,933,000 viewers and an 18.2% share.