TV ratings, Imma Tataranni returns and wins on Big Brother

The third season of the Rai1 fiction at 27.1% share, the Canale 5 reality show at 18.2%

The third season of the fiction ‘Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor’ starts with a bang: the first episode of the new season, broadcast yesterday by Rai1, was by far the most followed program of prime time, with 4,624,000 viewers and 27.1% of shares. In second place, ‘Big Brother’ on Canale, with 2,462,000 viewers and an 18.2% share. Third place for ‘I mercenari 3 – The Expendables’ on Italia 1, with 1,140,000 spectators and a 6.5% share.

Following, among other prime time audiences: ‘Presa Diretta’ on Rai3 (1,105,000 spectators, share 5.7%), ‘Quarta Repubblica’ on Rete4 (732,000 spectators, share 5.1%), ‘Il Profumo del Mosto Selvatico’ on La7 (641,000 spectators, share 3.5%), ‘Fake Show’ on Rai2 (580,000 spectators, share 3.6%), ‘Little Big Italy’ on Nove (431,000 spectators, share 2.3%), ‘Red 2’ on Tv8 (233,000 spectators, share 1.3%).

In prime time access, on Rai1 ‘Cinque Minuti’ obtained 4,093,000 spectators with a 20.2% share and, followed by ‘Affari Tuoi’ 4,243,000 spectators with a 19.8% share. Ratings that exceed those of the debut episode of the new season of ‘Striscia la Notizia’ on Canale 5, seen by 3,847,000 spectators with a 17.9% share.

Victory for Rai1 also in the early evening with ‘Reazione a Catena – L’Intesa Vincente’ (2,783,000 spectators, share 23.4%) and ‘Reazione a Catena’ (4,100,000 spectators, share 26.4%) which beat the competing programs of Canale 5 ‘Caduta Libera – The Challenge Begins’ (1,565,000 spectators, share 14.8%) and ‘Caduta Libera’ (2,659,000 spectators, share 18.3%). On Rai2, Pino Insegno’s debut with ‘Il Mercante in Fiera’ was followed by 638,000 viewers with a 3.4% share. A result substantially in line with the ratings of that range in the previous days (on weekdays from 11 to 22 September 2023, Rai2 broadcast the TV series ‘Castle’ in the same range which obtained an average of 615,000 viewers and 3.6% of shares). On Rai3, the return of ‘Via dei Matti N.0’ was followed by 904,000 viewers with a 4.5% share.

Overall, the Rai-Mediaset comparison on the sum of the generalist channels plus the all-news one sees the public service prevail both in the 24-hour and in prime time. In fact, over the entire day, the generalist networks Rai + RaiNews24 obtained a 31.5% share, compared to the 28.8% totaled by the generalist networks Mediaset + TgCom24. And in prime time the generalist networks Rai + RaiNews24 obtained a 32.5% share, compared to the 28.1% totaled by the generalist networks Mediaset + TgCom24.