TV ratings, Japan-Spain wins prime time

For the 2022 World Cup match in Qatar, the 23.6% share

Rai1 continues to win prime time TV ratings with the World Cup matches in Qatar. In fact, the match between Japan and Spain was followed by 4,953,000 viewers (23.6% share). Second step of the podium for Canale 5 with the mini-series ‘Passport for freedom’ which obtained 1,691,000 viewers (11.62% share). Third place in terms of viewers for Rai3 with the film ‘Confusi e felici’ which was seen by 1,308,000 viewers (7% share).

Rete 4 off the podium with ‘Dritto e Rovescio’, followed by 1,143,000 viewers (8.49% share). On Italy, however, 1 the film ‘Meet your parents?’ it was seen by 1,004,000 viewers (5.73% share) while on La7 ‘PiazzaPulita’ totaled 824,000 viewers and a 6.66% share. On Tv8 ‘Alessandro Borghese – 4 Restaurants’ involved 584,000 viewers (3% share) while on Rai 2 ‘Che c’è di nuovo’ got 539,000 viewers and a 3.5% share. The ratings of prime time Nove closed with ‘On the trail of the assassin: the Yara case’, seen by 305,000 viewers (1.59% share).

In prime time access on Canale 5 ‘Striscia La Notizia’ achieved 3,757,000 viewers (17.55% share) while in the early evening slot ‘L’Eredità Sfida Mondiale’ on Rai 1 involved 3,208,000 viewers (share of 22.1%) while on Canale 5 ‘Caduta Libera’ totaled 3,638,000 viewers (21.58% share). Particularly noteworthy is the growing ratings of ‘Il Circolo dei Mondiali’ with Alessandra De Stefano, Sara Simeoni, Jury Chechi and Diego Antonelli. The program, broadcast on the flagship network in viale Mazzini, was seen by 2,276,000 viewers (12.6% share).

Overall, the Rai networks conquered the prime time with 8,631,000 viewers (41.6% share) and the 24 hours with 3,380,000 viewers (39.1% share), while in the late evening they achieved 2,217. 000 viewers and 24.9%.