TV ratings, ‘Montalbano’ and ‘Who has seen it?’ wins beats ‘Gladiator’

Fiorello confirmed its 20% share with 1,005,000 spectators

‘Inspector Montalbano’ confirms himself as the winner, even at the umpteenth repeat. Yesterday the episode ‘The Catalanotti Method’, broadcast on Rai1, was the most watched program of prime time, with 3,154,000 viewers and an 18.8% share. In second place, ‘Who Seen It?’ on Rai3, with 2,095,000 viewers and a 12.6% share. Third ‘Gladiator’ on Canale 5, with 1,426,000 viewers and a 10.3% share.

Following, among other prime time ratings: ‘Killer Elite’ on Italia 1 (1,112,000 spectators, 6.3% share), ‘Quelli Che Mi Vono Morto’ on Rai2 (1,105,000 spectators, 6% share), ‘ A Special Day – Garibaldi, The Expedition of the Thousand’ on La7 (979,000 spectators, 5.7% share), ‘Fuori dal Coro’ on Rete4 (808,000 spectators, 5.7% share), the third live show of ‘X Factor’ free to air on Tv8 (392,000 spectators, share 2.6%), ‘È Already Yesterday’ on Nove (320,000 spectators, share 1.7%).

Of note, in the morning on Rai2, Fiorello’s show ‘Viva Rai2’ was confirmed at 20%, obtaining 1,005,000 viewers.

Overall, Rai’s generalist networks plus the all news channel (RaiNews24) largely win the comparison on an equal perimeter with Mediaset (generalist networks plus TgCom24), both in the 24 hours (with 33.5% share against 26.2 % share) than in prime time (with 40.2% share versus 35.4%).