TV ratings, ‘Montalbano’ beats Big Brother in rerun

Third place for ‘The Expendables 2’

‘The commissioner Montalbano’ continues to reap successes in the TV ratings race even after the umpteenth rerun. Yesterday the revival of the episode “Il giro di boa” (dated 2005) on Rai1 was seen by 3,210,000 spectators and a 19.6% share. In second place, ‘Big Brother’ on Canale 5, with 2,199,000 viewers and an 18% share. Third place for ‘The Expendables 2’ on Italia 1, with 1,237,000 viewers and a 7.1% share.

Following, among other prime time ratings: ‘Presadiretta’ on Rai3 (1,043,000 spectators, 5.8% share), the first episode of ‘Fake Show – Beware of Imitations’ on Rai2 (722,000 spectators, 5.1% share), ‘Quarta Repubblica’ on Rete4 (679,000 spectators, share 5.2%), ‘Little Big Italy’ on Nove (513,000 spectators, share 3%), ‘Promised Land’ on La7 (457,000 spectators, share 2.7%), ‘Attack on power – Olympus Has Fallen’ on Tv8 (407,000 viewers, 2.5% share).

In access prime time, on Rai1 ‘Cinque Minuti’ obtained 3,911,000 spectators with a 20.2% share and followed by ‘Affari Tuoi’ 3,900,000 spectators with a 19.8% share. While on Canale5 ‘Paperissima Sprint Estate’ recorded 2,895,000 viewers and a 14.5% share.

Victory for Rai1 also in the early evening where ‘Reazione a Catena – L’Intesa Winning’ recorded 2,753,000 spectators with a 21.7% share and ‘Reazione a Catena’ 3,912,000 spectators with 25.3%. While on Canale5 ‘Caduta Libera – The Challenge Begins’ obtained 1,658,000 spectators with a 16.1% share and ‘Caduta Libera’ 2,685,000 spectators with 18.8%.