TV ratings, prime time podium at ‘Silver Skates’

Second step for ‘Sister Act – A nut in a nun’s habit’. Third place for the film ‘Christmas as a chef’

Victory for Rai1 in yesterday evening’s prime time with the film ‘Silver Pattini’ seen by 2,933,000 viewers equal to an 18.2% share. Second step of the podium for Rai3 with the film ‘Sister Act – A nut in a nun’s habit’ which totaled 1,865,000 viewers and a share of 10.1%. Third place for Canale 5 with the film ‘Natale da chef’ which was seen by 1,727,000 (10.5% share).

Subsequently, on Italia 1 the film ‘An enterprise from God’ was seen by 1,191,000 viewers (6.4% share) while on Retequattro ‘Zona Bianca’ interested 902,000, reaching a 6% share. On Rai2 the film ‘Charlie’s Angels’ totaled 886,000 viewers and a 5% share while on La7 the film ‘Schegge di fear’ was seen by 507,000 viewers (3.1% share). The ratings of prime time TV8 close with the film ‘When Christmas arrives’, followed by 568,000 viewers (3.1% share), and Nine with the film ‘Imagine – John Lennon’ which totaled 219,000 viewers and a share of ‘1.2%.

In prime time access on the flagship network of viale Mazzini ‘Soliti Ignoti – The return’ obtained 4,946,000 viewers and a share of 23.6%. On Canale 5 ‘Striscia la Notizia’ was followed by 3,549,000 viewers (17.05% share). In the early evening slot on Rai1 ‘L’Eredità’ was followed by 4,232,000 viewers equal to a 24.3% share, while on Canale 5 ‘Caduta libera!’ it reached 3,370,000 viewers and a share of 19.44%.

Overall, the Rai networks won prime time with 7,984,000 viewers and a 39.97% share and the entire day with 3,382,000 viewers and a 38.18% share. On the other hand, the Mediaset networks prevailed in the late evening with 3,469,000 viewers and a 37.85% share.