TV ratings, ‘Soulmate’ wins the evening. ‘Who has seen?’ at 11.4%

On Rai1 the film ‘Act of Faith’ recorded 1,976,000 viewers

‘Soulmate’ on Canale 5 won yesterday’s prime time audience with 2,286,000 viewers and a 13.5% share. On Rai1 the film ‘Act of Faith’ recorded 1,976,000 viewers and 11.8%, while ‘Who has seen it?’ on Rai3 it is third with 1,830,000 viewers and an 11.4% share.

Italia 1 with ‘Mortal Kombat’ obtained 1,090,000 viewers and 6.2% while ‘Fuori dal coro’ on Retequattro totaled 958,000 with a 7% share and La7 with ‘A particular day’, 993,000 with 5 ,9%. On TV8 ‘X Factor’ attracted 472,000 viewers and 3.1% while Rai2 with the first episode of ‘Corpo Libero’ attracted 417,000 viewers and 2.4%. Nove closed yesterday’s prime time ranking with ‘Poli Opposites’, seen by 403,000 viewers equal to a 2.3% share.

Rai1 conquers prime time access with ‘Cinque Minuti’, seen by 4,392,000 viewers with 21.3% and, followed by ‘Affari Tuoi’, with 4,779,000 and 23.2%. On Canale 5 ‘Striscia la notizia’ scored 15% with 3,108,000 viewers. Also in the early evening Rai1 is in the lead with ‘Reaction in Chain’ which obtained 4,188,000 viewers and 25.2%. ”Free fall!’ on Caale 5 it gained 2,744,000 viewers and a 17.3% share.