TV ratings, ‘Stay with me’ wins prime time with over 3.8 million

Second step of the podium on Canale 5 with ‘Big Brother Vip 7’

Victory for Rai1 in yesterday evening’s prime time with the series ‘Stay with me’ followed by 3,864,000 viewers equal to a 19.95% share. Second step of the podium on Canale 5 with ‘Big Brother Vip 7’ which totaled 2,857,000 viewers and a share of 20.72%. Third place for the last episode of ‘Everything is possible tonight’ which on Rai2 involved 1,484,000 viewers (share of 8.82%).

Off the podium on Rai3 ‘Presa Diretta’ was seen by 1,213,000 viewers (5.96% share) while on Italia1 ‘Freedom -Oltre il confine’ was followed by 881,000 viewers registering a share of 4.96%. On Rete 4 ‘Quarta Repubblica’ obtained 793,000 viewers and a share of 4.94%. On Tv8 the Ireland-France match, valid for the 2024 European Championship qualifiers, was followed by 642,000 viewers (2.92% share) while the film ‘Rain man’ involved 608,000, reaching one share by 3.20%. The ratings of prime time Nove closed with ‘Little Big Italy’ which conquered 483,000 viewers equal to a share of 2.31%.

In prime time access on the flagship network of viale Mazzini ‘Cinque Minutes with Bruno Vespa’ achieved 4,665,000 viewers (22.1% share) while ‘Soliti Ignoti – Il Torna’ reached 4,998,000 viewers, registering a share of the 22.3%. On Canale5 ‘Striscia la Notizia’ was instead followed by 4,081,000 viewers (18.2% share). In the early evening slot on Rai1 ‘L’Eredità’ was seen by 4,213,000 viewers equal to a 26.3% share. On Canale5 ‘Avanti un Altro’ was followed by 3,414,000 viewers (22.3% share).

Overall, the Rai networks had 8,549,000 viewers in prime time equal to a 38.9% share, in late evening 2,413,000 viewers equal to a 33.6% share and in the whole day 3,285,000 viewers equal to 37%. 7% share.