TV ratings, ‘Tale e Quale Show’ first in prime time

Second place for ‘The Voice you have inside’, third step on the podium for ‘Quarto Grado’

Carlo Conti with his ‘Such and Such Show‘ on Rai1 consolidates its primacy in prime time TV, with the conquest of 3,227,000 viewers last night equal to a 21.9% share. Very far ‘The Voice inside you‘ protagonist Massimo Ranieri who on Canale5 stopped at 1,812,000 viewers for a 10.9% share. They follow, in order: Rete4 with ‘Fourth Degree‘ which totaled 1,369,000 viewers and a 10.2% share; Nine with ‘Fratelli di Crozza’ at 1,006,000 and 5.6%; Italia1 with ‘Survivor – The Martian’ at 919,000 and 6.1%; La7 with ‘Propaganda Live’ at 756,000 and 5.9%; Rai2 with the New Zealand-Italy Rugby World Cup match at 600,000 and 3.3%; Rai3 with ‘4 days for freedom. Napoli 1943’ at 560,000 and 3.1%; Tv8 with ‘The BarLume Crimes – So Zumba!’ to 426,000 viewers and a 2.5% share.

Moving on toaccess prime time, on Rai1 Bruno Vespa’s ‘Five Minutes’ won 3,761,000 viewers and a 20.9% share; figures which with ‘Affari Tuoi’ hosted by Amadeus rise to 4,313,000 and 22.9%, while on Canale5 ‘Striscia la Notizia’ obtains 2,984,000 viewers equal to a 15.9% share.

In the early evening, ‘Reazione a Catena’ achieved an average audience of 3,854,000 viewers, equal to a 27.1% share, far exceeding the competition of ‘Caduta Libera’ on Canale5 which stopped at 2,349,000 viewers and 17.4% of share.

As regards theaverage listening throughout the daythe Mediaset networks with 2,884,000 viewers and a 38.31% share prevail over the Rai networks which obtain 2,619,000 viewers and an average share of 34.78%.