TV ratings, ‘Tale e Quale Show’ on Rai1 beats ‘Titanic’

‘Quarto Grado’ on Rete 4, Crozza on Nove and ‘Propaganda Live’ on La7 did well

‘Tale e Quale Show’, broadcast yesterday on Rai1, continues to dominate Friday prime time, with 3,475,000 viewers and a 22.5% share. In second place, ‘Titanic’ on Canale 5, with 1,751,000 viewers and a 12.6% share. Third place for ‘Quarto Grado’ on Rete4, with 1,275,000 viewers and a 9% share.

Following, among other prime time ratings: ‘Fratelli di Crozza’ on Nove (965,000 viewers, 5.1% share), ‘Propaganda Live’ on La7 (877,000 viewers, 6.1% share), ‘XXX – The return of Xander Cage ‘ on Italia1 (878,000 spectators, 5% share), ‘Tg2 Post’ and ‘NCIS Hawaii’ on Rai2 (respectively, 810,000 spectators, 4.1% share, and 558,000 spectators, 3.6% share), ‘Enzo Tortora. I want to imagine myself elsewhere’ on Rai3 (499,000 spectators, share 2.7%), ‘4 Ristoranti’ on TV8 (322,000 spectators, share 2%).

In the Rai-Mediaset comparison of the generalist networks + the all news channel, Rai prevails both in the 24 hours and in prime time, with 30.8% against 26.7% for the whole day and with 32% against 26, 5% from 8.30pm to 10.30pm.