TV ratings, ‘The winning thrust’ hits the mark on Rai1

On Rai2 ‘Il collegium’ starts with a 5.8% share. Excellent debut in the afternoon on Canale 5 for ‘Amici’, with a 25% share

The fiction ‘La Stoccata Vincente’, broadcast yesterday by Rai1, also proved to be victorious at the Auditel test, becoming the most followed program among those in prime time on Sunday, with 2,765,000 viewers and a 17.5% share. In second place, ‘Caduta Libera – I Migliori’ on Canale 5, with 1,848,000 viewers and a 12.8% share. Third place for the debut of ‘Il Collegio 8’ on Rai2, with 1,051,000 viewers and a 5.8% share.

Following, among other prime time audiences: ‘Fbi Most Wanted’ on Italia1 (1,016,000 spectators, share 5.9%), ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ on Rete4 (852,000 spectators, share 6.8%9, ‘Il Provinciale – Il Tale of Tales’ on Rai3 (619,000 spectators, share 3.6%), ‘In Onda’ on La7 (597,000 spectators, share 3.5%), ‘Baywatch’ on Tv8 (352,000 spectators, share 2.3%), ‘Only Fun – Comico Show ‘ on the Nine (346,000 spectators, 2.5% share).

In the afternoon on Canale 5, an excellent debut for ‘Amici’ by Maria De Filippi with 3,000,000 viewers and a 25.6% share, and ‘Verissimo’ also did well with 2,264,000 viewers and a 22.4% share. On Rai1, ‘Domenica In’ obtained 2,123,000 spectators and a 17.6% share, in the first part, 1,718,000 spectators and 15.9%, in the second part, and an equal 1,436,000 spectators and a 14.2% share, in the Part Three.

Overall, the Rai-Mediaset comparison on the sum of the generalist channels plus the all-news one sees the public service prevail both in the 24-hour and in prime time. In fact, over the entire day, the generalist networks Rai + RaiNews24 obtained a 27.8% share, compared to the 25.3% totaled by the generalist networks Mediaset + TgCom24. And in prime time the generalist networks Rai + RaiNews24 obtained a 29.1% share, compared to the 24.9% totaled by the generalist networks Mediaset + TgCom24.