TV: ‘The Kardashians’ first episode released on Disney+

Kim opens up about her rocky relationship with Kanye West and says she wants to stay single. Khloé learns she needs surgery on melanoma and Kourtney abandons IVF

The Kardashian clan is back today on Hulu and Disney+ with the series of the same name. Lots of irons in the fire for this third series aired every Thursday with a new episode. From Khloé’s melanoma to the poisons between Kourtney and Kim for the Dolce&Gabbana show designed by the influencer, from Kylie’s driving lessons to Kendall’s success as an entrepreneur. The third season opens with a new theme song punctuated by Beyoncé’s song, ‘Cuff it’ (2022), in which ours parade in roller blades in black overalls, almost quoting the pop star’s video, ‘Blow’ (2013).

For the first time, Kim opens up to the cameras on the media war that Kanye West, father of her four children, is waging on her. The influencer confesses to her mother Kris Jenner that she has had anxiety attacks all morning. The rapper has fished out his hard video from the past and built “the most senseless story” on it. Kim recalls that she and her family have chosen to remain silent because she knows one day “my kids will appreciate it.” She’s keeping up appearances with them for now but will answer all their questions when they grow up. a public feud with Kanye, the businesswoman seems very tested by the whole affair.

Kim is now happily single, after splitting up with comedian Pete Davidson, with whom she dated for nine months. The influencer admitted that she has up-and-down feelings about dating because she has four kids and is in her forties. She is waiting for that one person who will throw away all the drama and place more importance on togetherness. “I love being alone and I really want to enjoy this – she says to her mother – I’m someone who falls in love easily but now I don’t want to, I want to be alone”. Kris doesn’t buy it because her daughter has always been with someone or with her friends . “I want to have privacy and live my life – he replies – Not dating or going out with five people at the same time if I want to”.

Another big topic is Khloé’s melanoma, which is very rare for her age. She took a biopsy and found out she’s going to have surgery. Kris reveals that her daughter had to deal with cancerous lesions on her face for the third time. She will have to remove the melanoma and then perform plastic surgery. The woman still feels a little disconnected from her second child, Tatum, who she had from a surrogate mother. “I felt really guilty that this woman had my baby – she acknowledges – It doesn’t mean that surrogacy is bad or good, I think it’s really great but really different from traditional motherhood”.

Kourtney has dropped out of the IVF project, as hormones have taken a big toll on her physically and mentally, but not having a baby with her husband Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182. Not for nothing is she late to a date with sister Khloé because she’s ovulating and needs to make the most of the moment with Travis.

Meanwhile Kendall gives Kylie driving lessons at her express request. They climb into his 1997 Porsche Carrera and test drive in an elevated parking lot and on the empty streets of Beverly Hills. “I’m really nervous, I don’t want to crash her car – she confesses the influencer that she is very confused by the fact that a car has three pedals to move.

Also peeping into the episode is British actor and host James Corden, who brought the Kardashians on his The Late Late Show last April. In the next episode Kylie goes to Milan to see how her cosmetics are made and Kim meets with Dolce and Gabbana for the fashion week show.