Twente-Fiorentina 0-0, viola in the Conference League groups

Fiorentina returns to Europe after 5 years

There Fiorentina returns to Europe after 5 years. A 0-0 win in the second leg of the Conference League playoff in the Netherlands is enough for the Viola who won 2-1 at home against Twente to qualify for the group stage. The Italian team fails in the final three occasions to take the lead but then, after Igor’s dismissal in the 93rd minute, they risk going to extra time. A save in the sixth minute of recovery by Terracciano was decisive.

Uphill departure for the guests, who suffer the pressure of the Twente, also driven by the warm atmosphere of the stadium. After a couple of attempts returned between Van Wolfswinkel and Vlap, a super save from Cabral on the goal line is needed to avoid the joy of the goal for the second. Fiorentina in the first half of the fraction clings to the accelerations of a more involved and lively Ikoné than in the recent past, but does not create truly dangerous developments. With the passing of the minutes the push of Twente decreases but the Viola struggle to build with continuity: a play from a standing position is needed to be able to hurt, and Sottil goes very close on a free-kick, calling Unnerstall to a prompt response.

Not even a turn of the clock and the Dutch close to the goal by engaging Terracciano with a double attempt: in the same action Zerrouki and Sadilek try, but both are stopped by the Italian goalkeeper’s gloves. However, the most in form of this Fiorentina is Sottil and it is no coincidence that he is still the one who represents the greatest danger in the final time, at the end of a giant slalom. On the next corner he joins the list of those who also shot Cabral, but his gore is central and easily manageable for Unnerstall.

The start of the second half suggests a similar script: Twente pushes in search of a goal that would change the match, but Fiorentina approaches a little better than the first half, managing to respond more frequently. Sottil responds to Misidjan’s cross-shot at the opening a little later, and if Igor needs overtime to stop Cerny’s safe shot, there remain considerable doubts about which part of Unnerstall’s body is that stops Cabral in the 55th minute. launched into the goal: it seemed forearm, but the referee Petrescu does not see handballs and the absence of the Var leaves everyone in doubt. After halfway through, the recovery flares up with actions from one side to the other: Tzolis engages Terracciano twice, the second with particular danger, while on the opposite front the very occasional happens on Ikoné’s left-handed, who, however, gets bricked face to face with Unnerstall.

After a few minutes of the game interrupted by throwing objects from the stands (with also evident tensions between the two benches), Fiorentina still have the best opportunities, above all a very close overhead kick by Mandragora, who ends up on the post. There is still time for a thriller finale: in the six minutes of injury initially granted Igor is sent off for having found a second yellow card due to excessive waste of time. At the 96th minute, a real miracle from Terracciano is needed to say no to Brenet’s header and unleash the joy of the Viola fans.